With Marty ‚ÄúThe Gut‚ÄĚ Gutman poised to end the longest losing streak in youth baseball history, tragedy struck while the portly first baseman was just about to swing. The Supercool-Awesome LionSharks were looking to drive in the winning runs which would propel them to victory against the Margaretville Pork. Unfortunately the game was played at the base of Margaretville‚Äôs unpredictable volcano, Mt. Smulo. The ensuing lava blast managed to kill everyone on base and all the LionSharks in the dugout. The Gut was left to try to score four runs on his own, but was instead intentionally beaned by Margaretville‚Äôs pitcher, notorious pickle-sniffer Donnie Ray Lowe. While he was attempting to stagger towards first base, the other members of the Margaretville Pork simply beat the shit out of The Gut and assumed victory. To be honest, the fat fuck probably deserved it.

The Supercool-Awesome LionSharks are now 4-2672. Better luck next time fellas.