A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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We have elected a President who stands for xenophobia, racism, the end to women’s rights, the building of a wall, the closing of our borders, a willingness to emulate Putin or Kim Jong-un or even a desire to use nuclear weapons to replace diplomacy. We are a nation in distress. The United States now stands for, in the eyes of the world, everything we used to decry. To paraphrase a line from The Dark Knight, we turned to a man who we did not understand. The House is Republican. The Senate is Republican. The Supreme Court will be conservative. Where do we go from here?

The GOP needs to wake up and look at itself in the mirror today. You are no longer allowed to call yourself the Party of Reagan, or the Party of Lincoln. You could have stopped this a long time ago. You allowed this travesty to continue. This is squarely on your shoulders. It should never have gotten this far. This is what your Grand Old Party has been reduced to. Not so fucking grand anymore, is it?


The Democrats shoulder the blame too. An Oligarchy is not a valid form of American leadership. For far too long, families like the Clintons have dug deep in the skin of politics, dug in like deer ticks. Laziness and apathy have been allowed to develop and fester in your party. If your party could have run someone who was able to earn trust in the eyes of the people, then things may have ended quite differently. For some, perception is reality, and Hillary Clinton was perceived as devious, deceitful, and a liar. Therefore, she was all of those things. Hillary Clinton is not a lovable figure. She is not a figure people can relate to.

All of you who voted for a third party candidate are also guilty. In your pseudo intellectual demonstration of going against the grain, you have provided the necessary votes to allow this demagogue to gain foothold after foothold until both of his feet are now stepping squarely on the throats anyone different from him. You are change agents in name only. You are ineffective, you are eunuchs in the new millennium. You do nothing but make yourselves feel better by convincing yourself and every other skinny-jean wearing, flannel-sporting, hipster-beard wearing shitbag that what you’ve done means something. It means something, alright. It means you need to pick what side you’re on in the days to come. Put the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

Aside from the big one in 1776, our history is full of revolutions, successful and not. There were the 1863 New York City Draft Riots, the Shays’ Rebellion, the Wilmington Insurrection in 1898, the Battle of Blair Mountain, and the Battle of Athens, GA in 1946. We have had the Civil Rights Activism, we have had the Stonewall Riots, and we’re in the middle of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We can organize and we should organize and we need to ensure the safety of our democratic society. We are tens of millions strong. They are few and afraid to lose power. The will of the people can not and will not be denied. I do not advocate violence, however I do advocate change.

Get off your couch, put down your tablet, take out your earbuds. Activism is more than shouting on a blog or wearing slogan t-shirts while you purchase overpriced lattes in a Starbucks. Get involved at the grass roots level. Make your immediate environment the epicenter for your involvement, and then expand outward. I am serving on an elected body in my city, so I am talking the talk while walking the walk. If you are angry, disenfranchised, sad, dismayed, in disbelief, or just generally sick of what has happened, then do something about it. Be a part of the revolution. Start locally and work outward. Be everything you say our elected officials aren’t.

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