[UPDATE: forgot one important question, see below]

Here at contest headquarters, we've been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming Sidespin contest. There are two ways to handle these inquires: a) Just post the official contest (which is 100% ready to go and could go up at any time) or b) post a FAQ to hopefully answer your questions.

Your Sidespin Contest FAQ

Is there really a contest?

Yes. I'm not joking about this.



Will there be rankings?

Mmmmm...not exactly. The contest will 100% not have any kind of Underexplained List (sorry Shitehawk!).


Who will be allowed to participate?

This is the great part - anyone who wants to! Except Steve_U. He knows why.

Will the contest winner receive a prize?

Yes. But the prize will have no cash value.

Will the contest be fairly and transparently run?

Yes! Unless I don't like the way it's heading, in which case I will invoke Executive Privilege and just make it turn out the way I want it to.


Is there anything you'd like to say about the assumption many people have that since your avatar is two fat guys on motorcycles that you, in real life, are a fat guy when in reality you are a slender, handsome and all around healthy male specimen?

Just that even though my avatar is two fat guys on motorcycles I, in real life, am not a fat guy. In reality, I am a slender, handsome and all around healthy male specimen. Great question!

When are you going to get off your ass and actually post this goddamn thing already?


Pretty soon. Unfortunately writing this FAQ has taken a lot of time away from me finishing the contest.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how helpful would you rank this FAQ?

Nice try, but I told you, no rankings!

But seriously 10.

Will I be disappointed when the contest is finally revealed?

Yes. Yes you will.