A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

The Week In Review: April 28 - May 2, 2014

Previous Roundup iterations have included a weekly "Hey, great job out there" collocation, and I don't see why we shouldn't distribute accolades when they're due. Anything to get you people writing more jokes.

In truth, the Week in Review Roundup should appear on Sunday evenings—and I solemnly swear to post it on Sunday evenings if I get around to it that week—but Shitehawk, Senseless and I were practicing trust falls yesterday as part of our mandatory team-building rehabilitation. Here we go …


Last Week's Swinging Dicks

We have a six-way (!) tie for 3rd place this week. Here they are, with 2 favorites from the week: pkellen2313, fusilliGaryBettman, ObscureSimpsonsReference, StuartScottsEye, Same Sad Echo, and Erg have each earned a moderately used 7'' mason's chisel.

Far and away my favorite pkellen2313 joke this week came at the expense of Vin Baker's rocky sobriety.

When he's not providing exegesis on music's Lost Era, fusilliGaryBettman is dishing one-liners with the best of you, and his sharp eye on Monday gets the nod for best of fGB last week.


ObscureSimpsonsReference's favorite from the week is this dopey remark on the Bryce Harper photo. Good stuff there.

It's tough to cull a favorite from StuartScottsEye's work this week, so I'll just [throws darts aimlessly at dog] go with this stupid goof in the Spoonerism post. I like this comment because the crudeness in tone harks back to his "donger" joke from a few months ago.


Like the other SSE, Same Sad Echo's best of the week comes by way of a sudden downturn into bathos and four letter words in the Florida Dad story.

Erg has a knack for energizing our pyramid schemes, and for that his slanted movie title in the Sterling Flight post has earned him a chisel.


In a three-way tie for 2nd place with 3 favorites each, Madoffs Mets, cobra, brah!, and RMJ=H will receive three ballpeen hammers wiped clean of any previous ownership.

I'm still laughing at this ridiculous dialogue in the Spoonerism thing, Madoffs Mets. God that's funny.


cobra, brah!'s favorite this week is this crafty little bit in the Larry Ellison post. Even now I had to put the pieces back together on that one, buddy.

Let's see, RMJ=H, bet you didn't think this silly idiocy would be your week's favorite, did ya? What a stupid thing to say.


Alone atop the podium this week is DougExeter with 4 motherfucking favorites. Bring the flatbed, Doug, because you've won approximately 300 lbs. of concrete detritus and a grainy surveillance photo from Parchman Farm State Penitentiary in Parchman, MS. Congratulations.

No question here: DougExeter's best of the week is Monday's picture gag in the NFL Players Sales post. The satire's edginess was just over-the-top enough to elicit cries of "you racist!" from those who couldn't, or willfully wouldn't, take a joke. Well done, Doug.


Senseless Apprentice did us all a service tonight, and he deserves your thanks. Make me laugh tomorrow, or else I'm throwing Molotovs at firemen.

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