Well, this was a helluva commenting week, huh? Goes to show that there are still enough of you so insecure that even the slightest possibility of recognition will bring you out of the woodwork to make great jokes. I love it.

Anyhow, in the tradition of rookies in everything even tangentially sports-related, Shitehawk hazed the hell out of me this week, and since I've already blown my budget on Christmas gifts, your prizes have been picked out from the pool of blood and bits of skin currently awaiting cleanup in the Mad Bastards All toolshed. Let's go:

Last Week's Swinging Dicks

In a tie for 3rd place, co-winners of a Gillette Mach 3 razor (used once, not gently): RMJ=H and Raysism, with 3 favorites each.
This was RMJ=H's best comment of the week. Quick and to the point. Well done.

And this is my favorite Raysism comment of the week, and probably of all time. This was reminiscent of Gamboa Constrictor's all-timer (RIP). Both jokes tread into the same disturbing subject matter and both are pristine double entendres. Even though you were mean to me this week, Ray, this was a great joke.


Tied for 2nd place, new owners of about three-quarters of a can of shaving cream, are: Universal Enveloping Algebra and The Amazing Sneijderman, each with 4 favorites.

This was far and away UEA's best joke of the week, and was the People's Champion for COTD on Friday. That's a great joke, and for those of you offended by it - don't be, Enveloping is allowed to make that joke because he's a virgin.


This nice catch was TAS's best gag of the week and has all of the hallmarks of a Sneijderman joke, quick, clever, and picking up on a detail that others would overlook. Good stuff.

Finally, sharing 1st place, the winners, and co-owners of a coffee can full of pubic hair and the first draft of three Gawker network articles denouncing the incident: DougExeter and Same Sad Echo, with 6 Favorites apiece this week.


This was Doug's best joke this week. Picturing Dan Snyder reaching up and burning his hands on the cooktop just makes me giggle like a moron.

This was Echo's best joke from the week. You're a weird one, Echo, but we love you.


But wait, there's more...
The Monday Comment of the Day
, from gullyb.
The Tuesday Comment of the Day
, from Same Sad Echo.
The Wednesday Comment of the Day
, from Universal Enveloping Algebra.
The Thursday Comment of the Day,
from Same Sad Echo.
The Friday Comment of the Day, from DougExeter.


Now go out there and have another great week before Kinja kills everything again.