A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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The Week in Review: July 14 - 18, 2014

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We're down only slightly from last week's total with 28 unique names in the favorites, but we had more Roundups debuts this week, so let's call it a push. Here's your Week in Review.


Last Week's Swinging Dicks

We're gonna need a bigger podium. There is an eight-way draw for 3rd place with 2 favorites on the week. Congratulations to Same Sad Echo, Doc Holliday, RMJ=H, Milo Minderbinder, Fidrych or die tryin, Pleatherface, IronMikeGallego, and last and certainly least, marmol heater. For your labors, please accept 12 crushed cans of Busch Ice.


Both of Same Sad Echo's favorites this week were tidy one-liners, and I'm giving the nod to Monday's tongue-in-cheek zest on the new NCAA Trophy picture. There are many times that I imagine Echo's comments delivered in a sing-songy, glam-jive that only he can muster. Classic work.

Doc Holliday's favorite also comes from Monday by way of this droll continuation joke in the Posey-Bumgarner story.


I really liked RMJ=H's knuckle sandwich on the WC MVP List thing, because it hopefully demonstrates that we can get a lot of future mileage out of the Lebronukkah madness.

I prefer Milo Minderbinder's silly cauliflower brain comment in Thursday's screencap, if only because it's a bit more straightforward than the Maradona comment, which requires a little more in the setup.


That Oscar Pistorius story on Tuesday brought a lot of good jokes, and Fidrych or die tryin offered us a fine comic book laugher.

This adorable call-back on Thursday in the Open Championship Dog post comprises Pleatherface's well-earned favorite. So simple. So effective.


I'm still laughing at IronMikeGallego's not-too-inside-baseball uppercut on Burneko in the Bucs' Longform Advert.

marmol heater's best on the week is most certainly his ridiculous sketch in Thursday's Ukraine-Russia Soccer thing. Yikes!


Notching 3 favorites this week and gaining 2nd-place plaudits are ReverseApeChemist, pkellen2313, and Madoffs Mets. Come on down, and collect your 24 crushed cans of Busch Ice.

On Friday, ReverseApeChemist penned a wonderful vignette in the Lauren Cox takedown. Going back to it now, I can't get over just how goofily cartoonish the hold thing unfolds. Really great work, buddy.


Also in the Lauren Cox post, Madoffs Mets deserves yet another round of applause for this very sound reversal line.

Good Christ, pkellen2313, there's no way I can pass up re-linking to your fake Chicago Murders Lede submission from Monday. So much awesome.


Trusty old SavetoFavorites is our singular superlative 1st-place finisher with 4 favorites last week. Well done, StF. Please provide your residential mailing address, because you are the new owner of 36 crushed cans of Busch Ice.

If you wanna argue that SavetoFavorites' best this week wasn't the announcers/feminism skit in the ANW feat, you can go write your own goddamn Roundups, because that is a beautiful comment.


But wait there's more …

The Monday Comment of the Day, from Utah Jazz Hands.

The Tuesday Comment of the Day, from IronMikeGallego.

The Wednesday Comment of the Day, from SavetoFavorites.

The Thursday Comment of the Day, from ReverseApeChemist.

The Friday Comment of the Day, from Stev D (!).

The Lessons of the Week

In my post as Deputy Curator of Deadspin Commenting, I try to keep an eye out for up-and-coming names that are actively contributing to the culture of joke-making we try to maintain around here. In this regard, I've been pleased with Revis & Butthead recently, who is making solid jokes out there, and I foresee some Roundups favorites in his or her future. In fact, I rather liked this little jab at the Vikings on Tuesday, which latches onto the hapless Minnesota theme for a solid knock on the Vikings. This one-liner is also pretty good, but I think there's more wiggle room here. If you're going to take the AA angle, maybe make it a dialogue joke about the fan having some sort of face-to-face breakthrough as he approaches the mound. Perhaps a progression joke that also pulls on the various steps pursuant to AA's tenets. Something like ...


[takes step 1; admits problem]
[takes step 2; accepts higher power]
[takes step 3; faces problem head-on]
[punches problem in face]
[returns to step 1]

Obviously this would need a bit of contextualization to get the reader in the AA mindset (that feels strange to type), but there's the meat of what I'm talking about.


The R&B joke I really want to talk about, though, is this calm wordplay in the Pouncey story from Tuesday. I certainly first thought of working the cameo/Cameo angle when presented with that cow, and what R&B has written is more or less the [a > b] progression of "this word also means that thing." Spin that spool more, young commenter. There's real potential in the pun, but the reader wants more on the premise side of things. Perhaps something like, "In addition to the fight breaking out, the Pounceys were all the more dismayed at how the night ended, because earlier they had agreed to only make a brief appearance at the club." Or some such. You don't even need to include the word "cameo" in the joke, since it's hanging there in front our face. Bring it down to Earth. Give us a narrative or scene construction to work with; some other frame of reference outside the bare bones of the cameo pun. And please, please keep pounding away at humor.

Alright. I'm done. I laughed a lot this week, and I want to laugh a lot this coming week, so make me laugh a lot. Sweet dreams, chuckos.

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