A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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This was a hell of a commenting week. By my count, 33 separate names appeared in the favorites, and there was a bit of a shakeup atop the podium. Here are the numbers.

Last Week's Swinging Dicks

With 2 favorites, quintuple honors for 3rd place and recipients of some moderately used red tie-down straps: cobra, brah!, RMJ=H, Madoffs Mets, Nikkolai, and The Amazing Sneijderman.


Undoubtedly cobra, brah!'s top comment of the week came by way of this pun in the James Blake post, where cobra was accused of racism for some reason (?).

I can't help but laugh again at RMJ=H's wisecrack in the Pablo Sandoval post on Wednesday. That one gets funnier every time.

Madoffs Mets' Tuesday dialogue about the Shaken Baby earns well-deserved recognition.

Nikkolai's plaudit also comes from Tuesday, with this hilarious interrogative in the Matt Cain Sandwich story.


And finally, The Amazing Sneijderman's cleverest effort is this numbers game in the Helena Costa story from Wednesday.

In a three-way tie for 2nd place with 3 favorites on the week, Steve U, pkellen2313, and Same Sad Echo will each take home a chef's-grade paring knife.


As if this is even a question: Steve U's favorite this week is his imaginary numbers cleverness in the Real Racists post.

pkellen2313's superlative comes from Friday's Joe Kerridge story. Never change, friend.


You big doofus, Same Sad Echo. I've got to go with the Oscar Meyer rewrite in the Joe Namath piece. Lovely.

Our singular 1st place finisher—with 6 favorites—is Milo Minderbinder, who wins a bloody widow's-peak hairpiece suspiciously similar to Mel Kiper's pompadour.


This is a tough choice, but Milo Minderbinder's favorite on the week has to be this precise zeugma in the Crazy Train Lady post. Such economy of language hinges solely on the double sense of "possession," and the short simplicity goes a long way for a classic Idiot joke. Well done, Milo.

But wait there's more …

The Monday Comment of the Day, from RMJ=H.

The Tuesday Comment of the Day, from Steve U.

The Wednesday Comment of the Day, from RMJ=H again.

The Thursday Comment of the Day, from Same Sad Echo.

The Friday Comment of the Day, from ThePDFGhost.

Kudos and congratulations to everyone named above. Let's aim for greatness next week.

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