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Therapy For My Sports Illustrated Addiction, And Yours

Sports Illustrated A Page A Day

Like many, I’m a little frustrated by recent changes at Sports Illustrated. It’s partly my fault though. In 2009 I let expire a subscription I’d held since 1970, and went cold turkey on building the collection I’d gathered since my youth. My bad.


Part of my weekly ritual had been looking forward to Friday when the new issue arrived, bearing well-written stories and great photographs that we didn’t have much access to before the online explosion (and certainly before ESPN and CNN Sports Tonight, which gained prominence in the early and mid 80s). When I moved away from home and got a P.O. Box, the issues generally came a day earlier, on Thursday. I found this to be the best thing about not living with mom and dad.

When I started buying houses, one of the things I generally looked for was a basement. I told myself it was so there’d always be a place to escape from the heat or wallow in my own crapulence, but the need to store the expanding boxes of sports junk might have been the real reason. While I eventually pruned out Sport, Inside Sports, The Sporting News, and The National, the SIs kept building until they filled 39 years and untold cardboard boxes and magazine holders. Finally, when the subscription expired I threw away all of this century’s issues, but held onto the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The remaining magazines are the source of my new and nostalgic look back at Sports Illustrated’s glory days, creatively titled @SIglorydays, or Sports Illustrated A Page A Day. Using snapshots taken in various poorly lit parts of my house, a new page tweets out every day at about noon eastern, with as much commentary as can fit in 280 characters. It started a few days ago, so jump on board and say you were the first follower.*

I’ll probably keep doing it to amuse myself, but I’d like to amuse you too, whether you join in the nostalgia or never had a chance to experience it the first time around.

Ricky Natteil with the world class touchdown spike in the 1987 AFC Championship game more famous for The Fumble, as the @Broncos beat the @Browns (from January 25, 1988) #siglorydays
Photo: Actual snapshots from an old magazine collection / Not affiliated with http://si.com/vault/archive

* @PARecSpecs was the first follower and the San Diego Padres were the first reply. You can also cheat and look at SI’s digital archives

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