A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Things I broke bailing out my basement

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So here in the Chicago area we had another one of those 100 year rains that seem to happen every two years.


Did not get hit as hard as many of my neighbors, nor as hard as some of the surrounding suburbs, still had to pump that shit out, and I broke things.

My portable pump ( thank god my brother had one)

My shop vac ( had another thanks to the last flood)

An electric typewriter, Smith-Corona (where the fuck did that come from, thank god the manual is ok)


A decorative jar (cut myself)

A floor fan (same as the picture)

An antique floor lamp ( used it for painting, my wife asked "How did you do that", not said but certainly understood was "How the FUCK..", it was her mother's.)


My back (too old for this)

There were a couple of other things, to minor to recount, but hidden well to avoid trouble.


Fuck the weather.

Edit: Forgot about the antique coffee grinder

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