"We don't try, and we don't work, and we don't run, and we don't boat (vote?)... and we don't have any problems... we don't, we don't, we don't have! WE DON'T HAVE! WE DON'T HAAAAAAVE!"

What was that, little monkey?

"A song. A song I sang for my baby, before the wolf took him away. And cocaine and Fat Beats and Fat Joe and Christina Aguilera on Line 1 and cocaine for low low prices and Questlove isn't as talented as you and Florida snow and Still D. R. E. Best Song Of The '90s and Burmese and 50 Cent and "let it snow, bitches" and cheap flake and cheap escorts and things I can buy for 50 Cents and DISCOUNT COKE and expensive things for cheap and Candy Shop changed my life and selling Ferrari parts and hiding from repo men and Cheap Cocaine Substitutes and recycling."