A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Things That Are Good

Of course, many of you already know this. I'd convinced myself for a period of time that it was a bad thing. Years in fact. But hindsight is real, and as it turns out so was my initial gut reaction to the subject. I'd fooled myself into not only avoiding it, but into actively and aggressively denouncing it to those who may or may not have already had an opinion, relegating myself to a self-imposed prison of (faux) righteous thought. I was right, then adamantly wrong, and now, alas, I am back in the glorious right.

Personal taste shouldn't be something that one needs to defend to others, it merely should be accepted as part of that particular individual. Hell, it defines a not insignificant amount of one's personality. While someone might be an insufferable twat, it's not because of his or her likes and like-nots. Differences in preference should be accepted with arms wide open for without them we're nothing but cloned automatons. Fifteen years is a long time to realize this, but never late than never, and better yet correct.

No longer am I ashamed of this. I've remade myself, my ways of looking at the world, like so much anthropomorphic clay. Mentally, my hands still drip from the reformation, but I am always looking to keep improving, specifically searching my relationships for those who can take me to elevated states of thought and well-being.


No more "what ifs," I don't care for second guessing. I've resolved to make these changes in my life now and until my last breath. Feel free to voice your concerns or disdain, but know that I must listen to myself first and foremost. After all, what's this life for if I'm not happy with the person that I am? Hesitancy and self-doubt be damned, this is who I am.

I guess, what I'm really trying to say here is that Creed is good.

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