As a barely tangential follow-up to the metal music post earlier this week, here is another wonderful example of what great things can happen when people with too much time on their hands (sit down, Tommy Shaw, not you) also have access to the internet.

A guy named Glenn McDonald created what he calls an algorithmically-generated non-analytical map of the musical genre-space (go on, click it). Now that's an awful lot of big words, but translated into the common tongue, it means one ring to rule them al... it means he made a wicked awesome map of every genre and sub-genre of music ever.

He notes that he deliberately left off the axes of the map, so you can try to figure out for yourself why certain styles are grouped the way they are. More observant readers will note that the upper left section, aka "Metal Corner" looks suspiciously like Scandanavia.

There's not much to add, as this map is really amazing and stands on its own. A big thank you to Glenn for something really original, creative and informative.


Oh, and if the next hipster you see tries to tell you they were into "vaporwave" before it went all mainstream, please toss them on the nearest tire fire.

Edit: As BBAM notes below, make sure to click on a genre and then click on the double-arrows next to the genre name, since it gives you a little sub-map of the artists within that genre.