Background: For several days in a row, my daughter and I played a game where we took turns hiding various balls (soccer, tennis, etc) around the yard and finding them. Easy way to kill time and I can participate with a beer in hand. Good times.

This leads us to last thursday when I visited the optometrist to get new glasses. My wife picked up our daughter from day care and brought her to the optometrist to help me pick out new glasses, because I'm a 35-yr old male who can't pick out his own glasses. My daughter is not happy to be there and just wants to go home and starts to act up in front of the 7 or 8 people in the office — which leads to this exchange in front of everyone:

Me: "Okay sweetie, we're almost done here. Just a couple more minutes and we can go h0me and play."

My daughter: [Calming down]

Me: "What do you want to play?"

My daughter: "HIDE DADDY'S BALLS!"

and, scene.