A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pictured: the Google Voice transcription team, hard at work (fun fact: if you search for "monkey typewriter" in Google Images, you will get this image [warning: BEYOND NSFW] in the results)

My mother called me and then left me the following voicemail, according to the crack wizards at Google Voice's transcription lab:

Okay. Well, you can. My HI. Ohh HI hello Hello, Hello HI HI hey hey around here, hey her Gary Hello, I hope. Yeah connect okay baby. Love you. Bye bye. Hey, hey bye. I will, I hey Yeah, so I went out in the process. Okay bye. Well, I think. Hello. Bye Bye. Thank you, C Hey Hey, hey. Hey, hey Yeah, hello hey yeah So it's around that. We would like that okay. Free casualties, hey. Hello. So if you have a hey changed. 66, hey. This is okay. Hey Since, yo page see you. Just since. Wednesday airport okay. So that's it looks like 8 Yeah, Yes, Hey. Blacks are what you're what you're up to you later. Bye.


Aw, thanks Mom!

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