As before, my mother called and left (according to Google Voice) the following voicemail:

Hey Matthew, with your mother. I am. I thought you were gonna get the whale address is from our list that Grandma's send you or something but so if you can't get it from that, then I will. Send them and I can send us all the roaches in the form and I think we kind of agreed that that The only people you could think of. That were friends that you would like to invite. So anyway, I will talk to you later. Love you say hello. Bye bye, holler. Hello. I think. Hey, okay. Hey, Hi Shirley, it's, on and our ohh. Hey, plus out. Bye bye. Hey, but I don't know. I'm going out there or it. But now it's a lot. Bye bye. I don't know. What it bye. But. So, I'm not sure who are It was bye bye. Why. Hey. I do talk to you You know the holiday shot page. Later. Matthew. Later. Bye Bye. Okay bye. How important, sir. But yeah bye Leave me a call I was. But they have, playing a lot. Bye. Okay bye. Hey Okay bye. The alright Yeah, bye bye hey, thing, hey. Yes, ohh whoa. But.