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Friday, March 15, 2013

Larry Page, Chief Executive Officer, Google

Now I don't know a thing about Larry Page, except that he's a big wheel at Google and probably makes a bazillion dollars mining online data. Good for him. I'm sure his mother is very proud.


I also don't know what an RSS feed is, either (although I suppose I could google it). What I do know is that Google just announced they will be cancelling their very popular Google RSS reader, and this announcement has managed to bunch the panties of about 95% of my twitter feed. Judging from the overheated reactions I'm seeing, Google reader apparently ranks above the discovery of fire, the Salk vaccine, oxygen and the internet itself in terms of The Most. Important. Things. Ever. I imagine the citizens of Hiroshima have sent flowers and a very touching card of condolence.

And so Larry Page, for turning normally decent folks into insufferable asshats, you've earned today's Punchable Face award.


Plus, look at your face. I'd want to punch you anyway.