1. Season 1, episode 1 - Brother’s Keeper

Song: Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight

Synopsis: The OG episode. Tubbs comes to Miami and teams up with Crockett to track his brother’s killer, a rising Miami drug dealer.

2. Season 2, episode 3- Out Where the Buses Don’t Run

Song: Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms

Synopsis: A retired Vice detective offers to assist Crockett and Tubbs with their latest case. The only problem? The man the former detective claims is running the drug ring they are investigating supposedly died years ago.

3. Season 2, episode 12- Definitely Miami

Song: Godley and Creme- Cry

Synopsis: Crockett falls hard for an attractive, mysterious woman and attempts to help break away from her violent, drug-dealing boyfriend- Ted Nugent.

4. Season 2, episode 22- Sons and Lovers

Song: Phil Collins featuring Sting- Long, Long Way to Go

Synopsis: Angelina, Esteban Calderone’s daughter, returns and reveals to Tubbs that he fathered her child. However, she also informs him that her half-brother, Orlando Calderone, is in Miami and looking to avenge his father’s death.

5. Season 3, episode 12- Down for the Count

Song: Steve Winwood- There’s a River

Synopsis: Zito goes undercover as trainer for a young boxer to expose a ruthless drug lord with a passion for the sport, but the investigation takes a tragic turn when Zito’s cover is blown and he is then killed by the drug lord’s hitmen.