Welcome back to Sidespin's not ongoing feature Tuesday Night Fights, which coincidentally takes place on Wednesday afternoon. But this fight happened on a Tuesday night, so there's that.

This video comes courtesy of the Qatari soccer league, which is renown for paying mediocre players a lot of money. Here, we have Nene, a recent transfer from PSG to Al-Gharafa, against Houssine Kharja, a player who bounced around the Italian leagues for a ten years before joining Al-Arabi. You may have heard of these players if you have serious issues with insomnia or Football Manager.

From a strict analysis perspective, Nene begins strongly with a left hook, blindsiding Kharja. I have no idea what was going through Kharja's head at that point, but only because the Qatari soccer league banned post-fight interviews. Anyway, about 30 seconds later Kharja figures out what the hell just happened to him, and retaliates in kind. At least it's in kind if you felt that Nene's original attack involved flying scissor kicks and the Stuck in the Middle With You scene from Reservoir Dogs.