I don't want to sit here and pontificate any more about commenting etiquette on a sports blog. We've all seen the discussions go round-and-round ad nauseum in previous kinja debates. The moderation camp has its views, the laissez faire group has its, and there's certainly some common ground between the two, or we wouldn't all have set up our tents in this strange corner of the internet. Be funny, have discussions, be considerate, anything goes, Doug Exeter, whatever. I don't feel any anger or ill-will to people who disagree with my views on what's acceptable and I certainly hope they feel the same way about me if a joke is misinterpreted or raises any alarm bells.

I've read Deadspin for about five years, remained engaged due to the funny guys and gals of yore and present, started poking my head around this place about a year and a half ago, began writing half-assed jokes in late 2013, and continue to write half-assed jokes to this very day. That's the whole reason you are even reading this thing in the first place! So while I may not have the chops and credibility of some of the more distinguished and long-tenured commenters, I do want to get this off of my chest: