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Gather 'round ladies and gents, the moment you've all been salivating over has finally arrived. It is with great pleasure the Board of Trustees and Division of Sanitation at sidespin.kinja.com proudly announce:

The Sidespin Logo Contest!


The contest is simple: you design a new, kick-ass logo for Sidespin! The contest is open to absolutely anyone who wants to submit.

But Why?

For all its technical glitches, Kinja as a platform is actually pretty amazing. Anyone who wants to create a blog about anything can, and does. Dogs? Check. Photography? Check. Knitting? Probably. All of it for free.

And we've been given out own side blog to manage, to tap the creative juices of a bunch of really funny, smart, and well-written men and women.

But honestly, for all of our talents, Sidespin has kinda...languished. We get submittals in spurts here and there, some of them really, really great - but it could be something better. And maybe, just maybe - the way putting on a uniform makes you feel like a much better player - having a new, cool logo might spur more and better content.


And if not? Well, at least I had a shitload of fun trolling all you bastards with the hype for this thing.

But I'm Not Arty!

Who gives a shit? Some of the best creations have come out of MS Paint. Just try! If you don't have photoshop, don't worry. I've always used GIMP for more complicated pictures. It's like photoshop (I think) but free. Plus you can say bring out the gimp as the program loads, which is a sad, sad thing which you should not actually do.



Post your submissions here (preferably) or send them to me @samesadecho. Since next week is Thanksgiving and most of you will be stuffed with dead bird and/or ironically attending high school reunions, I'm setting the submission deadline to be, oh let's say, December 3rd.


I'll put all the submissions received into one summary post for judgement. Depending on how many we get, I may set up some kind of formal judging, or just go by number of recs. If you all decide to pick something I think is terrible, I will ignore the will of the people and just choose whatever the hell I want. That said, I won't be submitting my own logo. Probably.

Technical Details

Submit any kind of file you want; as long as you can post it, it should be fine. The minimum size of the file should be 600 x 80. Larger than that is fine, but you should maintain that aspect ratio.


Remember: the logo will be displayed on the page fairly small; so while awesome photoshops of Rocket Frog are, um, awesome, they won't translate well when shrunk. Something like this little gem from our old pal @polkpanther works well, doncha think?


And while we're on the subject, let's avoid the usual photoshop fare: the Last Supper, Hindenberg, Eli Manning taking a picture, etc. Remember this is a logo; on some level we're trying to establish a (hates self for typing this) brand. What impression do you want the logo to make?

In Conclusion

Look, I told you you'd be disappointed. Happy Logoing!

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