Confession: I am a masochist who sometimes like to amble on over to whenever some sort of progressive, liberal news story hits the air so I can see the internet's absolute worst humans bitch and moan and hurl racist, bigoted and generally horrible comments on the wall like the fecal matter it really is.

So, when Michael Sam came out, I knew there would be some good shit going down over at Breitbart Sports. Yes, Breitbart has a dedicated sports section and, yes, it is beyond awful as is everything on the entire site. Today, a story called "NFL Disconnect: Conflicting Public, Private Reactions to Gay Player" was posted and it's exactly the kind of thing you knew was coming if you know anything about

The "article" desperately tries to claim that although the overwhelming majority of players' and others' reactions to Michael Sam coming out has been positive, that the TRUTH is that players basically are being forced by an ultra-PC media and society to cover up the fact that the NFL is not ready for an openly gay player and that Sam is going to face major backlash in the locker room.

In support of this argument the writer cites bigoted comments by Cowboys wide receiver "Michael" Crayton, who I believe was played once by George Clooney in a movie.

You see, the acceptance of gay guys is all a lie. It's all a conspiracy by the angry, gay-hating players of the NFL to win over the elite liberal media and less than 5% of the American public that doesn't hate the gays.


But the real gem of the article comes towards the end when it cites the asinine, rambling interview of Herm Edwards on ESPN where he referred to a gay player as "bringing baggage into the locker room" and compared him to a player with "off the field issues." The writer says that Herm is one of the few voices that is brave enough to tell the truth and the backlash by Deadspin is proof of a liberal media that disapproves of anyone not willing to follow the gay agenda.

You have to read the paragraph below to believe it, and pay special attention to the part I've underlined.


Ok, well that's a serious accusation. Let's go to the source...


Now you know why Breitbart Sports is one of the most respected names in sports journalism. Way to go, LPShea, your idiotic (and funny) joke about Herm Edwards, ESPN and CTE are helping to fuel the anti-gay NFL player fire.

(Breitbart piece intentionally not linked.)