Actually I wish my knees would let me run. As it is, when I'm up to full walking mode, I'll spend 90 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of seven or eight. The advantages are that I can watch TV or read a book while I'm walking in an air conditioned, heated room. When I started this about fifteen years ago I knew that if it hurt too much then my allergic reaction to pain would keep me from continuing. So I walked ten minutes. Then I added a minute a day until I was up to the mid 30's when, because I was feeling feisty, I kept going for 60 minutes. Been at it ever since and have perfected my routine and gear.

I wear tennis shorts, wicking boxers, and any t-shirt that strikes my fancy. Brooks shoes make my feet happy. Good socks are a requirement and, since ankle length ones keep working their way down into my shoes, I came up with the neat devices you see in the picture. I call 'em Truckers. Mrs. Erg calls 'em You'renotwearingthoseoutsidethehouse.

The final touch is pictured above. I can't really explain, except to say they just felt right. I'm not going to tell y'all what Mrs. Erg said about them.