This guy is Steve "Steak" Shapiro. I guess I'm late to the party, because apparently this happened over a month ago, but I just found out that this asshat is back on the radio in Atlanta. In case you forgot, he is one of the guys that got fired after mocking Steve Gleason for having ALS. Fired from a radio station. A station in Atlanta. One would think his days on the air in this town were over, but apparently not.

The fact that he is on the air at all is offensive to me. But it goes further than that. He helped start the station known as 790 the Zone, and for a long time was the controlling owner/manager of the station. For years the station was the highest rated sports talk station in Atlanta, and maybe the southeast. It was sold to Liberty Media in August of 2010, and Shapiro stayed on as the host of the morning show, which is ultimately where he and his cohorts pulled the Steve Gleason bit. As you all know, he and the other two were fired later that day. Advertisers left in droves, as you might imagine. The Zone has never recovered, and is now reduced to running its own promotional ads in roughly 50% of it advertising space (not a scientific number, just my estimate), and I suspect it is not long for the airwaves in Atlanta or this earth.

But the story has a happy ending for Steve "Steak" Shapiro. He has joined the competition and is back on the air on 680 The Fan's 9-noon morning show. So, as punishment for mocking someone confined to a wheelchair with ALS, Shapiro gets a cushy gig at the competition as host of its (awful) morning show. But it gets better - he gets to rebuild his ratings while basking in the warm glow of the flames consuming the station he left in ruins less than a year ago. Everything has just come up roses for him. Fuck that guy. I never thought I'd agree with John Rocker on anything, but I guess we agree that Shapiro is a Grade A Prime asshole.


And don't give me the horseshit about him paying a a price for his stupidity. I'm not saying he has no right to earn a living, but I am saying that he doesn't deserve to be on the airwaves in Atlanta. If he wants to be in radio, he should be relegated to a station above the arctic circle. Or he can find another line of work since he doesn't have the basic human decency necessary to be on the radio. He sure as hell shouldn't be able to take advantage of the death of a competitor station that he fucking caused!


And fuck 680 The Fan. Their role in this is equally disgusting to me. Yeah, I get it, its a cut-throat business. But lots of cut-throat businesses have standards - written or unwritten lines that are not crossed. Jimmy the Greek was one of the most popular NFL analysts of his day, and I'm sure after CBS fired him he could have worked elsewhere and driven up ratings where ever he went. But he didn't, because he never worked on TV again. Because there were standards. Or because NBC and ABC didn't want to associate with someone that would cheapen their brand by spouting off like an idiot. Brian Finneran and Sandra Golden are two of my favorite on-air sports personalities, but I have to admit that I have lost some respect for them when they agreed to go on the air with this asshole.

So I know I won't be listening, but I feel compelled to make sure 680 and Shapiro know that people have not forgotten. I would invite you to share your thoughts with Shapiro at @steakshapiro and 680 The Fan at @680_The_Fan.


Whatever, I just needed to get that off my chest. Stupid Mondays. Wait, what? What do you mean its Friday? I've been cooped up at home with my wife and kid for the last two days due to snow and ice, I can't do two more... nooooooooooooooooo...............