A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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What the Harvard Cheating Scandal Actually Means

Hi. Have we met? I'm BlairWalshProject. I play quizbowl [or "quiz bowl," no one can decide]. This Harvard cheating scandal was fucking huge. The Deadspin article, while awesome and hilarious, doesn't really get at the scope of this. There's not really an appropriate sports analogy here, which makes sense, because quizbowl isn't even remotely a sport. Imagine if Calipari won three national titles in a row, only to have them all stripped because it was revealed he was using the Monstars from Space Jam.

One of the amusing things about this whole thing is that, strictly speaking, there is no real reason to cheat at quizbowl. Quizbowl is a very tightknit community around something that doesn't matter very much, like lots of weird things on the Internet. There are no cash prizes for winning quizbowl tournaments. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get a trophy and maybe a dog-eared book [enjoy The Complete Plays of John Webster!]. Really, you play quizbowl because you like learning things, you're competitive, and you're not athletic.

Illustration for article titled What the Harvard Cheating Scandal Actually Means

Like those people. The cheater, Andy Watkins, is on the left. Also, beating the buzzer is definitely masturbation.


Anyway, this scandal rocked quizbowl's little world. People had long whispered that Watkins, who was not particularly good 364 days out of the year, had cheated his way towards all those titles. But when hard evidence came out, hell hath no fury like a quizbowler scorned.
"From the beginning, I never liked you. You were always kind of an obnoxious show-off, both in real life and on the internet."

"and remember their valiant efforts that were tarnished due to his highness, the Grand Vizier of Fuckfaces, the new Archdemon of Quizbowl."


Anyway, this whole thing is pretty sad and hilarious. Quizbowl basically works on the honor code, and that whole image has been shattered. Quizbowl will never be the same. Fucking Andy Watkins.

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