Do you all remember the song You Must Love Me from Evita, where Madonna asked the poignant question "Where do we go from here?"

Of course not. That movie sucked complete donkey balls and seriously, Madonna is just the worst. She's like Skeletor, if Skeltor was a complete narcissist who stole babies from their mothers with false promises and a toothy grin. I'm pretty sure that Article IV of the Bill of Rights requires you to punch her in her stupid face if you ever get the chance.

But that rusty bag of sinew, bones, and industrial strength embalming fluid has a point: where do we go from here?

The commenting tournament has been spectacular. In all seriousness, kudos to Ray for running the show. It had to have been a tremendous amount of work, and was a fantastic summer-long distraction.

But that's over now, and I don't think I'm alone in hoping Sidespin continues to be relevant, and in particular, be more than in has been.


What do I mean? Take oppositelock, for example. Those car nerds have taken their "Sidespin" and made it into a pretty vibrant forum. Maybe a little too vibrant - it looks like there are over 200 posts there from yesterday alone - but you get the idea.

In particular, in addition to fun and games, I'd love to see more stuff like DougExeter's excellent Schaller takedowns or BlairWalshProject's terrible job recaps or FreemanMcNeil's summer movie guide or Shitehawk's discussions of interest. We've created some really great content here; in the words of the late Margaret Thatcher: MOAR PLEES.


[Also, I'm fully aware that I'm throwing stones from my glass house here, as I haven't contributed anything of value in a while. But (lucky you!) my work is going from batshit busy to just pigeonshit busy, so I should have some more time to write. In other words, I sure hope you guys loved that one Little House on The Prairie post.]

So, in summary, and conclusion, to wrap this up, in closing, and finally: Lots of guys were granted author privileges here; I'd love to see them put to more use. Amirite?