If you really like things that are AWESOME, you should really look at this AWESOME TRUCK!! AND NOTHING ELSE.

Have you ever seen anything so awesome?

Let's start with the color. Blue! But not just any blue, right? RIGHT? LOOK AT THE TRUCK.

It's like a beautiful, awesome sky-blue color! Wouldn't you like to have a truck that color? I know I would! Just look at that blue! LOOK AT IT.

I mean, wow, right?

Surely a truck this awesome, with such an awesome color, deserves 100% of your attention right now. 100%. ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION ON THE TRUCK RIGHT NOW. DO NOT LOOK AT ANYTHING ELSE.


And, hey, what about those wheels? Yellow wheels??? How awesome is that!!! What I wouldn't give to have a truck with bright yellow wheels. I can hardly tear my eyes away from this awesome sky-blue truck with its awesome bright yellow wheels! And that's a good thing, because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO SEE HERE.


Who wants to see me push the truck? I bet it goes really fast. Like, really, really fast. Here I go! I'm gonna push it! I'm gonna do it! We're gonna see how fast it goes! ALL EYES ON THE TRUCK.



Awesome! Totally awesome! DO NOT LOOK AT ANYTHING BUT THE TRUCK.