Hey y'all. I'll try to keep this brief. Here's how the knockout rounds will work:

Point Totals:

Round of 16: 2 points for correct result, 4 for exact score

Quarterfinals: 4 points for correct result, 8 for exact score

Semis: 6 points for correct result, 10 for exact score

Finals: 10 points for correct result, 15 for exact score

Pretty straightforward. However, you can only get the exact score points if you have the matchup correct. For example, lets look at this poor guy's bracket right now:


This asshole actually predicted the exact two matchups tomorrow: Brazil/Chile and Uruguay/Colombia. In fact, he predicted them in exactly the right spots as well, though that doesn't matter. If the Brazil game ends 3-1, and the Colombia game 2-0, he'll receive 8 points.

Look at the next day's games though. He has Netherlands/Croatia and Italy/Ivory Coast, neither of which are actual matchups. In fact, because he doesn't have the Netherlands advancing, which is the only actual team in one of those slots, he can earn a maximum of 0 points on that day. Now, if he had the Netherlands advancing, even against a mistaken team like Croatia, he could get up to 2 points for picking the result, but not the maximum 4, because he did not have the matchup correct.

Theoretically, one could pick all 8 winners in the round of 16 correctly, and never once be eligible for maximum points. That, however, would be remarkably successful for that person, and leave them in great shape in the next round. Bottom line, if you pick a team to advance and they advance, you'll get at least the correct result points.

Again, we're treating everything pre-shootout as a regular score. The only time you can get exact points in a pk shootout is if you said it would go to pks, and you predicted the correct team to win. It's tricky, but possible.


Leave all your questions/concerns/issues in the comments, please. Except that poor asshole with the above bracket. Fuck that guy. Italy??? Probably isn't even that Amazing in real life.