Greetings fellow Deadspinners,

Remember all those trivial lists we used to post here? If so, recall the often used "getting hit by a car" option. From now on, that'll be replaced by "voluntarily agreeing to update Sneijderdick's silly World Cup Pool while he's in Europe making out with some rotund Scottish bird named Becky"


France-Nigeria 2-0

Germany-Algeria 2-1

Argentina-Switzerland 1-0

BELGIUM-usa 2-1

Top Scorer:

Fuck it, look at the columns and compare them to the post from Sunday night. I couldn't care less. This was an exhausting process that took way too fucking long. What little I do recall from this was that SaveToFavourites was the only one to correctly predict the Germany-Switzerland result, and myself and a few others got the France-Nigeria score bang-on.


Must say, a lot of really interesting entries and interpretations of the format. Firstly, that's not how you spell 'Nigeria'. You know who you are, and while I may have laughed for the better part of an hour, it's not universally funny. Secondly, the dude that sent me a photo of his kids in the bath, that's fucked up. Must say, great tile work around the tub.

What else is there left to say, besides that the U.S. lost to Belgium in extra-time.