Good ol' Gary Lineker, cutting off a little rope in his shorts. A look of shame with a sense of relief as he wipes his ass on the pitch, both teammates and members of the Irish eleven looking on in horror. "Christ, Links, have you just now taken the call of doodey? Looks like you're growing a tail lad."

Guess who that is in the England #9. Yup, that's Mr. Twig and Berries himself, Peter Beardsley, most certainly empathizing with his countryman in his own moment of humiliation.

This is taking a shit on the pitch in a literal sense. I'm certain Marcelo and David Luiz would have preferred this to the version displayed on Tuesday. Who could have predicted such a lopsided result? The closest any of you came was a 3-2 result in favour of Die Mannschaft.

[spoiler alert]

Nobody can catch Vincent Tan's Ownership Academy. Ibrahimosnitches get Ibrahimostiches (awful name, btw) can come the closest by virtue of having predicted a 3-2 win for Germany of Argentina in the final, earning 15 points to finish second just a point behind our leader.