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Your (Weekly) Summer Movie Guide to Movies You Should Watch Again: Children of Men

Cast: Clive Owen (Theo), Julianne Moore (Julian), Michael Caine (Jasper), Charlie Hunnam (Patric); Chiwetel Ejiofor (Luke)

Director: Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Y Tu Mama Tambien)


Plot: Without giving anything away, the film is set in the near(ish) future. The population has stopped, um... populating. Women are infertile. There is a military state across the world in the aftermath of what is assumed to be World War Three. The film is set in England which is feeling the effects of this police state as much (if not more) as any other country. Clive Owen must help one woman to a (supposed) land where people are (supposedly) free.

Why you should watch it: Released in 2006, this film has been largely relegated to cult status. The Departed, Casino Royale, Pirates...Caribbean (DMC), Superman Returns, and 300 all got more press and dazzle, but this film (in my opinion) ranks up with the best films released that year. If you've ever played any first-person shooter video games (the original Gears of War comes to mind), the "battle" scenes will engage you in that regard. Cuaron has a certain dark quality to his direction, but that doesn't mean his films are dark. They are quite realistic, harkening back to some early 1970s grit. There are lots of grays in his films, and this is no different. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Sleepy Hollow, Like Water for Chocolate) draws the viewer in with outstanding shots and engaging angles.

Availability: DVD, Blu Ray, Streaming, free on Youtube

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