Cast: Bruce Willis (David Dunn); Samuel L. Jackson (Elijah Price); Robin Wright (Audrey Dunn); Charlayne Woodard (Elijah's mother)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense; many other shitty movies as of late)

Plot: Without giving anything away, the film is a unique look at what constitutes a superhero, as defined by comic book standards. The protagonist, David Dunn, is the reason why the film is titled Unbreakable. He seems to possess abilities which preclude him from becoming sick or seriously injured. Elijah Price tries to convince Dunn of this and make him believe that he really is a hero, sent to watch over and protect the innocent.

Why you should watch it: Arguably, ok... not arguably, this is the last great film made by M. Night Shyamalan. It was released right after The Sixth Sense, but it didn't perform as well in the theaters (read: make a boatload of cash), and people went apeshit because the film didn't hold many of the same surprises as Shyamalan's debut. However, as a follow-up, I argue that it's in fact a better film than The Sixth Sense. Willis gives a wonderfully subdued performance as David Dunn (notice the alliteration in the hero's name, a-la Clark Kent, Matt Murdock, Wally West, Peter Parker, etc), avoiding his usual "I'm Bruce Willis, here to keep my eyes WIDE FUCKING OPEN and shooting people while spouting banal catchphrases" schtick. Jackson is very low-key as well, a seemingly quiet, simmering antagonist. Robin Wright brings a certain gravity to her role as Dunn's tired wife. The climax of the film is quietly very, very intense. Give this a look this weekend if you've nothing better to do.

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