Cast: Sam Rockwell (Sam Bell), Kevin Spacey (voice of GERTY)

Director: Duncan Jones (Source Code)

Plot: Without giving anything away, the film is about a man working on the moon, harvesting cleanfuel. His only real companion is a computer named GERTY. He's working in isolation on a three-year contract. However, towards the end of his tour he begins to hallucinate and doubt himself and his job.

Why you should watch it: The film is a tour de force of claustrophobic and tense moods. The idea that a person could be shuttered away for three years alone, with only AI for companionship isn't new, however the way this film handles the concept is fresh. The main character knows he's starting to lose his grip on sanity. All he wants to do is finish his contract, go home, and see his wife and daughter, whom he only sees through video feeds.

This leads to the next interesting point of the film - the only interaction he has with Earth is indirect. His companion, GERTY, feeds his communications through a video system, meaning the contact Sam has with his family, as well as his employers, is filtered to a degree. While the communication between the Earth and the Moon is gapped, meaning there's a time difference between the speaker uttering a phrase and the listener receiving it, the viewer wonders if the message is getting through at all. Is the message even valid? Is anyone even receiving it?

Though there are many movies about people losing their sanity, Moon approaches it from a different angle, one which I won't share with you. It's difficult to sit through a film with only one main character and one or two limited supporting characters (Wall-E comes to mind as another successful example), Moon achieves a level of pressure and tense mood that recalls those good old Hitchcock films.



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